About us

Team Stainless promotes the many benefits of stainless steel to a sustainable society.

Team Stainless is an informal cooperation between associations of the stainless steel and the alloying element industries. It has a global mission.

The members of Team Stainless include:

Member NameMissionWebsite
Eurofer http://www.eurofer.org
International Chromium Development Association ICDA The ICDA is the dedicated authority of the chromium industry promoting the value and sustainability of chromium www.icdacr.com
International Molybdenum Association IMOA Molybdenum is a part of life and of our lives www.imoa.info
International Nickel Study Group INSG http://www.insg.org/
The International Stainless Steel Forum ISSF Stainless steel provides sustainable solutions for everyday life www.worldstainless.org
Nickel Institute   Knowledge for a brighter future www.nickelinstitute.org