Stainless Steel Makes Vertical Gardens Last

Choosing a planted facade is a decision that is made for decades – possibly the entire useful life of a building. Durability is therefore a key requirement for the support structure and the selected material, which should be intrinsically corrosion resistant, since parts of the construction may be permanently exposed to humidity. Repair will be impractical once the green skin is fully developed. Stainless steel is a preferred material for vertical gardens because of its exceptional corrosion resistance. This does not depend on applied coatings, which are prone to damage or can be consumed by oxidation over time.

The design must take into account peak wind and snow loads. Stainless steel provides the mechanical strength that architects and structural engineers need to create lightweight, unobtrusive constructions. They can also choose the stainless steel’s surface finish and upgrade structural components into architectural features.

A new Euro Inox brochure raises aware of tensile cable systems and frame systems, as well as planted exterior and interior walls. The 20-page publication can be downloaded from the Euro Inox website:

Published 23/11/2012 08:40:43 Last Modified 23/11/2012 08:48:02

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