ICDA Chromium 2012 December 4th to 6th Stockholm Sweden


Top left: Mr Philippe Richard, ICDA

Top right: Mr Pascal Payet-Gaspard, ISSF

Bottom: 1st row from left to right: Mr Philippe Darmayan (Aperam), Mr Yuji Kubo (NSSC), Mr R. Ganesh (Jindal Stainless) – 2nd row from left to right: Mr Alessandro Marras (Whirpool), Mr Angel Ramirez (Faurecia), Mr Gaetano Ronchi (Ikea) – 3rd row from left to right: Mr Fausto Capelli (Centro Inox), Mr Christophe Mercier (Derichebourg), Mr Gerhard Pariser (Heinz H. Pariser)

To celebrate 100 years of stainless steel, ICDA organized a Round table on  “Chromium and stainless steel – towards the next 100 years” between stainless producers and end-users. 

The opening debate was structured in 3 parts:

Part 1:  Looking back at 100 years of stainless steels. Topics included: growth (reasons for), grade properties, key applications…

Part 2:  Today: the situation of the stainless steel industry. Topics included: China, raw-material volatility, the sustainability of stainless steel, competing products…

Part 3: The future challenges for stainless steel. Topics included: new applications, technological innovations, new applications, new markets (BRICE), the environment, information / communication, recycling… 

ICDA had a great feedback from this Round table from all the delegates (about 150 from all over the world) 

Needless to say that participants were satisfied with the other conferences, the variety and quality of speeches given. 

Top Economist Mr Philippe Chalmin gave an impressive macro-economic outlook. Other sessions focused on technological improvements and environmental issues as well as outlook for ferrochrome and of course an overview on the current and possible scenario for China and South Africa

The Chromium 2012 conference was also the ideal opportunity for networking and bringing together all the actors of the chrome industry!

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