Stainless Steels at High Temperatures

Stainless steels, otherwise used for their exceptional resistance to aqueous corrosion, are also used at high temperatures when carbon and low-alloyed steels do not provide adequate corrosion resistance and mechanical properties.  Choosing the most suitable grade for a given environment can be a complex task.  The new Euro Inox publication Stainless Steels at High Temperatures explains how alloying content and microstructure influence the high-temperature properties of stainless steels.  The publication discusses their mechanical properties in typical service conditions and the impact on the material of oxidation, sulphidation, carburisation and halogen gas corrosion.  It also includes advice on forming and welding these stainless steels and on design and cost considerations.  Finally, it describes some typical high-temperature applications and the most common heat-resistant grades.

The 36-page publication can be downloaded, and printed brochures ordered from

Published 19/12/2012 16:34:27 Last Modified 19/12/2012 16:46:03

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