New Euro Inox publication reviews the benefits of stainless steel connection systems

Stainless steel in plumbing is a success story – thanks to the mechanical connectors known as “press-fit” fittings. These make it easy to take advantage in plumbing of stainless steel’s superior hygiene properties and durability, where speed of installation is a crucial economic factor. Joints can be made in a matter of seconds. The mechanical technique is a cold process and, since no heat is involved, fire risk is avoided, even if joining operations are performed near flammable materials. Full structural stability is achieved the very moment the joint is made.

There are also industrial applications for press-fit stainless steel tubing systems. These include gas, process water, liquids (such as mineral oil products), vacuum and others. A single system consisting of tube, fitting and mechanical tool is enough to cover all these different applications. Only the sealing “O” ring inserted into the fitting may change depending on the fluid conveyed. Stainless steel tubing is also used for cable protection in safety-critical areas prone to vandalism or other mechanical damage – for instance metro stations.

The Press-fit Fitting System and Stainless Steel, a new Euro Inox publication, provides a supplier-neutral introduction to common and new applications of the system. It can be downloaded or requested as a printed brochure free of charge from

Published 21/03/2013 13:58:46 Last Modified 21/03/2013 14:01:42

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