Sustainable Stainless Award

ISSF Secretary General John Rowe, ISSF Chairman Philippe Darmayan and Acerinox's CEO Bernardo Velazquez

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has announced that the 2013 Sustainability Award was presented to Acerinox during ISSF’s 17th Annual Conference which is being held in New Orleans, USA. Acerinox’s winning entry outlined how the company is recovering valuable raw materials from scale created during the stainless steel production process.

Twelve companies submitted a total of 25 case studies for consideration in the 2013 Award. All entries were ranked against five criteria:

  1. Applicability to other companies
  2. Ease of understanding
  3. Innovation
  4. Positive impact on the environment
  5. Financial impact on the industry

Acerinox’s entry scored the highest against these criteria. In their case study, Acerinox outlined how they have developed a new process to package waste scale into briquettes which have a high metallic content. The briquettes can be fed back into the furnace to make new stainless steel. This process has a positive environmental impact as less waste needs to be transported and less raw materials need to be brought in.

All 25 case studies are available in the 2013 Sustainability Award booklet which can be downloaded (free) here.

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