Sports Stadiums in Brazil use stainless steel

Picture by Vigliecca & Associados

Stainless steel also comes into play in the Confederations Cup, started on 15 June in Brazil.

In many stadiums, built or renovated, to host the Confederations Cup and the World Cup 2014, stainless steel is present across several applications, such as the façade cladding of Castelão Stadium in Fortaleza, and handrails, guardrails and parts in the bathrooms and other areas in the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro and Mane Garrincha Stadium in Brasilia.

Beauty, durability and life cycle cost, were decisive factors for the choice of stainless steel by the designers of these stadiums.

Published 20/06/2013 10:19:08 Last Modified 20/06/2013 10:22:12

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