Nickel Institute calls for risk based approach to raw materials at political debate

On 2 October, the Nickel Institute was invited to speak at an event in the European Parliament with a focus on innovation and raw materials supply.

Around 70 participants from EU authorities, industry and other stakeholder groups participated at the event which was hosted by MEP Professor Vladko Panayotov. The Nickel Institute’s Veronique Steukers highlighted the relevance of nickel in innovation and the importance of nickel for critical value chains for the future of the EU. She pointed out that there are existing target conflicts between chemicals management legislation and other ongoing debates and called for risk based policy making. The NI was supported by various representatives from other metals industries in her comments.







Picture on the left: V. Steukers, Nickel Institute 

Picture on the right: V. Steukers and MEP V. Panayotov


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