Nickel projects approved for funding

NORTH AMERICA – USA: The winter of meeting of Materials Technology Institute (MTI) was held 24-25 February 2014 in Fort Worth, Texas. Gary Coates represented Nickel Institute, and is champion of one project. Two new projects where nickel-containing materials are involved were approved for funding, to revise books on different chemicals produced and used by the chemical industry. In addition, other projects were developed including presenting a duplex stainless steel training seminar in China, a new austenitic stainless steel fabrication training seminar, and an atlas of microstructures for a nickel alloy. These are all at the request of the MTI members, mostly the chemical and the oil and gas industries.
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Published 24/04/2014 18:45:59 Last Modified 24/04/2014 18:47:04

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