Blueman espresso machine is awarded Prix Inox 2014

An Espresso machine made from coloured stainless steel has been awarded the Prix Inox 2014 – a prize by the Swiss stainless steel advisory organisation Swiss Inox. For her work, industrial design student Ms. Naomi Stieger received a cheque of 5,000 Swiss Francs on the occasion of the organisation’s Annual General Meeting on 22nd May.

The machine has a unique asymmetric design, in which right angles are systematically avoided. Although the final shape is quite complex, the individual elements have simple geometric forms.

The designer called her creation “Blueman”, a name that refers to the satin-polished coloured stainless steel, which was used for the outer shell of the machine. The colouring is produced by an electrochemical method. It is the effect of light interference and does not involve any pigments. The original metallic surface effect is unaffected by the process.

As an assembly method, adhesive bonding was chosen for the exterior panels. This method is economical also in small series and it avoids damage to decorative surfaces during fabrication. The specific adhesive used can withstand temperatures of more than 300 °C.

A comprehensive documentation (in German) is available from the Swiss Inox website.

©Naomi Stieger 2014

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