Stainless Steel in Brazilian Stadiums

On 12 June the FIFA World Cup was kicked off. 12 cities in Brazil have opened their stadiums for this World Cup. Two recently renovated stadiums have extensively used stainless steel on their façades, one being Castelão in Fortaleza, the other one being the Allianz Park Palmeiras in São Paulo.

The stadium in Fortaleza city in the North East of the country, called Castelão, will host 6 World Cup matches. This stadium for 64,000 persons went through two years of refurbishments. The project was led by a Brazilian architecture office, Vigliecca & Associados. The façade was entirely made using stainless steel expanded sheets. In addition to the external frame, stainless steel was used on railings, handrails at VIP areas, lavatories and locks of the stadium. “We have made an option for the durability stainless steel provides, which is essential to areas like the façade that required a corrosion-resistant material, and for its noble appearance, required in the hospitality sector”, says architect Ronald Fiedler, responsible for the Project.

Castelão Stadium by architecture office, Vigliecca & Associados

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The second stadium is the Allianz Park Palmeiras. Palmeiras is the name of a popular soccer team in São Paulo. Stainless Steel is intensively used in its façade. The sheets of stainless steel have holes in them to facilitate the circulation of air. Edo Rocha Arquitetura was the office responsible for the architectural project. This beautiful stadium will not be used during the world cup.

Allianz Park Palmeiras Stadium by Edo Rocha Arquitetura

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