Stainless Steels for Lecturers and Students of Architecture and Civil Engineering

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has launched a series of new educational resources to increase the use of stainless steel in the architecture, building and construction (ABC) market. While the potential for stainless steel is enormous in this sector, it is often overlooked in favour of materials that have been included in teaching programmes targeted at ABC professionals.

To address this situation, ISSF has developed a series of educational presentations about stainless steel. They will be made available to schools and universities which are training the next generations of engineers and architects.

Each of the ten modules has been developed in conjunction with an advisory board, including professors from a number of renowned schools. The first modules were launched during ISSF-18 in Rome and cover:

  • Why stainless steels
  • What are stainless steels
  • Corrosion resistance and mechanical properties
  • Surface finishes
  • Joining techniques
  • Sustainability
  • Structural applications for both stainless steel rebar and flat products
  • Architectural applications in ABC

“The modules are designed to provide universities with the necessary tools to establish and build a knowledge base about stainless steels for the architects and civil engineers of tomorrow,” explained John Rowe, Secretary-General of ISSF. “This is a major step forward in our goal to expand the markets for stainless steel products.”

The modules can be downloaded from the worldstainless website: Click here

For more information about the project, email Jo Claes, ISSF’s Administration and Communications Manager (

Published 20/06/2014 14:29:39 Last Modified 20/06/2014 14:31:16

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