Stainless Steel and Solar Energy

Mitigating climate change is one of the major challenges today. The development of renewable energy sources and energy saving calls for a wide range of technologies, in which stainless steels prove useful. Here we focus on where stainless steels can be used to harness the energy of the sun. Some documentation is available from the website:

Stainless Steel in Solar Energy Use

This brochure details current best practice and stainless steel solutions to harness the energy of the sun. It provides designers with information about current stainless steel options for solar energy capture and an overview of the technical properties of stainless steel.
Download the brochure here

Two case studies on stainless steel in Solar Energy Use are also available:

The stainless steel solar facade of a highway maintenance building at Bursins, Switzerland

This brochure introduces a highway maintenance building was developed as a replacement for an existing maintenance building on the same site. The client, État de Vaud, organised an architectural competition for the design of the new building. For the first time in western Switzerland, clear sustainability demands were outlined in an architectural competition. The client demanded that the ecological, energy and economic aspects of sustainability should be considered in the design of the building. Download here

Stainless Steel Tilted Solar Roof: German Nautical Museum Stralsund

In this case study we want to show how a stainless steel-based solution was used in a photovoltaic application. Thin stainless steel foil serves as a substrate for the photovoltaic cells. Download here

Solar Water Heaters - The Ferritic Solution

The new millennium brings with it a new level of concern about the ‘cost' of energy. This means not just the ever-rising financial cost to consumers but the cost to the planet of the way we generate our energy, consume non-renewable fuels and pollute our environment in the process.
Available in English and Chinese. [clicking on the language will open the pdf]

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