Report from the INSG meetings in Lisbon

The International Nickel Study Group (INSG) met on 13 to 14 October 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. Around 60 government and industry representatives from member countries, including observers and several international organizations, participated in the meetings.

The government and industry participants extensively discussed current nickel market trends during the meetings. Nickel usage has continued to increase as a result of the improved economic situation during the first half of the year. Growth has been recorded in China and North America along with improved conditions in Europe and Japan. The implementation of the Indonesian export ban on nickel ore which took effect in January 2014 has reduced production in China and prompted a further increase in nickel ore exports from the Philippines.

World primary nickel production was 1.75 Mt in 2012, increased to 1.94 Mt in 2013 and could reach 1.93 Mt in 2014. INSG projects a production of around 1.95 Mt in 2015. There is a degree of uncertainty in these figures in regard to Chinese nickel pig iron production, particularly in later years. The estimates do not include any general adjustment factor for possible production disruptions.

World primary nickel usage was 1.66 Mt in 2012 and increased to 1.78 Mt in 2013 and could reach 1.92 Mt in 2014. For 2015 INSG estimates an increase to around 1.97 Mt.

Changes in regulations on environment, health and safety relating to nickel production and use have been also discussed during the meeting.

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