Stainless Steel Roundtable at ICDA Chromium 2014 event in New Delhi

6 November 2014. In addition to all the topics of interests for the chrome industry, an entire session was dedicated to the main market for chrome: stainless steel.

This session was successfully and actively moderated by Markus Moll (SMR) who set the scene by giving his overview of the stainless steel industry.

Speakers entered into details corresponding to their field of expertise:

  • Nirmal Mathur, ISSDA, what are the prospects for the Indian stainless steel industry?
  • Lilian Liu, Antaike, exposed the ambitions of the Chinese stainless steel industry and the current state of it.
  • Paul Gielen, Cronimet, lead the debate to a full circle by presenting the stainless steel scrap situation compared with primary ferrochrome and other raw materials units.

From left to right: Nirmal Mathur (ISSDA), Markus Moll (SMR), Lilian Liu (Antaike), and Paul Gielen (Cronimet)

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