Stainless Steel in SelfService Machines

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has launched a new publication on Stainless Steel in Self-Service Machines.

Self-service machines – dispensers, vending machines, ticket machines etc. – must meet a number of requirements. Stainless steel has an ideal profile and is available in many different suitable grades.

This new brochure from ISSF explains why stainless steel is an ideal material to be used in self-service machines and highlights some common applications like vending machine fronts, keypads, mechanical parts, beverage dispensers, drinking water dispensers, milk vending stations, ticket machines and access control and coin-operated controls.

The brochure can be downloaded for free from the worldstainless website. Click here

Published 20/11/2014 20:59:36 Last Modified 20/11/2014 21:01:58

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