Vademecum of Stainless Steel

The manual was written by Zbigniew Brytan - PhD Technical University of Silesia, with cooperation of experienced technical experts of professional trading and processing companies in Poland.

It is designed for engineers, traders, students, designers, decision-makers, managers, technical support, but also for those who start their "adventure" with stainless steel.

The handbook is divided into several sections according to the level of advancement and gives an overview of the most important issues related to the production and use of stainless steel. It enables everyone to grasp the stainless steel grades, their properties and standard applications. It includes information about stainless steel products, surface finishes, passive layer, corrosion resistance and types of corrosion, as well as recommendations on joining, welding, chemical treatment and cleaning of steel. The Vademecum is illustrated with tables, drawings and photos and has friendly form, that’s why it is easy to use.

This publication is written in Polish. SSN is the only distributor of the Vademecum. Get more information at: and web-site:

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