Structural Applications of Ferritic Stainless Steels

Despite many attractive characteristics, ferritic stainless steel is currently under-used in the construction industry due to a lack of reliable information relating to structural behaviour. A three year pan-European project was completed in 2014 which studied the structural performance of ferritic stainless steels. The objectives of the project were:

  • To develop Eurocode-aligned structural guidance for ferritic grades not previously studied but which were identified as being appropriate for structural use;
  • To study construction-relevant aspects of structural design and corrosion resistance which have not been studied before (e.g. the performance of structural joints, structural fire resistance, corrosion performance of welded and bolted joints etc.); and
  • To examine the structural performance and temperature regulation effects of ferritic stainless steel decking in a composite floor system.

The SAFSS project, which included material and member testing as well as analytical and numerical studies, provided practitioners with useful performance data and design guidance so that ferritic stainless steels can be specified in structures with confidence. The project was, in general, limited to developing guidance relevant to these applications involving material less than 6 mm thick in both welded and bolted construction. Five ferritic grades were studied, with varying levels of corrosion resistance (and cost).

This project was carried out with financial support from the Research Fund for Coal and Steel of the European Community and the International Chromium Development Association.

For more information, please contact Nancy Baddoo at the Steel Construction Institute (

All project reports and a summary report can be found on the SCI Stainless Steel Portal:

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