End User Experiences

IMINOX presents three interviews with Mexican end users of stainless steel sharing their experience in using stainless and its advantages. The videos can be watched on You Tube:

• Stainless Steel in Sculpture and Emblematic Monuments: "Christ of Chiapas". Available on http://youtu.be/s3nnJExtp10
• Stainless steel in airport terminals. Available on http://youtu.be/zYQD5bOhQFo
• Stainless steel cutlery. Available on http://youtu.be/tIDMyNwOK0Y

Have you missed the previous videos? You can still watch them: http://www.teamstainless.org/news/2015-01/The_experience_of_end_users_of_stainless_steel

Published 27/02/2015 08:26:13 Last Modified 27/02/2015 08:28:13

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