Stainless steel shines at Chinese green building conference

The Eleventh International Conference on Green and Energy Efficient Buildings was held earlier this week in Beijing, and included a dedicated session entitled Stainless Steel Enables Sustainable Buildings.

Some 150 delegates heard leading global architecture firms and industry experts speak about the sustainable advantages of stainless steel in architectural façade design. Case studies on curtain walls and sunscreens highlighted the historic and future contribution of stainless steel to sustainable building construction. The Ping An Financial Center and the Museum of Contemporary Art and Planning Exhibition in Shenzhen and other current notable projects were featured.

The session was organized by the China Stainless Cooperation Promotion Group (CSCPG), formed by the China Stainless Steel Council, the Nickel Institute, the International Chromium Development Association, the International Molybdenum Association and CITIC Metal Co. Ltd to encourage the appropriate use of stainless steel in China.

More details can be found on the IMOA website at

Published 26/03/2015 19:14:16 Last Modified 26/03/2015 19:16:12

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