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This issue focus on energy, on some applications in which nickel makes a difference in how energy is being produced or how the consequences of energy production are reduced.

We look at two innovative approaches to tackling greenhouse gas emissions from coal: the Mannheim power station in Germany and the Boundary Dam Carbon Capture and Sequestration complex in Saskatchewan, Canada.

You will also find some surprising numbers on the future of nuclear power and discover an extraordinary artist, Maria Pergay, who creates amazing nickel-containing stainless steel pieces of arts.

Cleaner energy: nickel makes it possible

  • Carbon capture and sequestration at Boundary Dam
  • More energy with fewer emissions in Mannheim
  • Hot rocks: making geothermal work with nickel


  • Armada Platform accommodation modules
  • Enduring nuclear
  • Wirelines
  • Ozone water treatment at Sebago Lake
  • Nanocrystalline nickel nanostructures
  • Nickel gallium catalyst
  • Maria Pergay

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