ISSF 2015 Sustainability and Safety Award Winners

The International Stainless Steel Forum announced that the winner of this year’s Sustainability Award is Aperam for reducing emissions to air in a densely populated urban environment, a project which extended over ten years from 2005 to 2015. The Safety Award was given to Jindal Stainless for reducing carbon monoxide levels to eliminate the risk of explosions in the dust plant.

The Aperam Belgium melting and cold-rolling plant is located near the city of Genk, which has 65,000 inhabitants. Following discussions with the local community, the stainless steel producer decided to reduce dust emissions to a level that would not affect air quality in the area. The company implemented an extensive action plan at three levels: operational, managerial and communicative. Aperam regularly organised an Environmental Day for an open exchange with all stake holders. This allowed them to share their test results and data measurements in a transparent way. Between 2006 and 2014, emissions to air went down by 72%. Consequently, the works received fewer complaints from the neighbourhood in the last four years and built a positive and strong relationship with local residents. Finally, the efforts resulted in Aperam obtaining a new environmental permit for their plant. The full case study can be downloaded from the worldstainless website. Click here.

Jindal Stainless reduced the carbon monoxide levels in the bag house, where the filter dust of the steel melting process is collected, to prevent the risk of explosions. When the CO content in the fume gas exceeds 3%, a ventilation mechanism is activated to provide fresh air to the bag house. During this operation the suction of dust is temporarily halted. Eliminating residual explosion risks meant a significant improvement of the safety in the workplace. The full case study can be downloaded from the worldstainless website.Click here.

All entries have been compiled in a book which can also be downloaded from the worldstainless website. Click here.

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