Australian Stainless Magazine Issue 55

Australian Stainless is ASSDA’s flagship publication, and is a leading industry magazine devoted to showcasing the diversity and durability of stainless steel. Issue 55 is out now, proudly sponsored by the CRA Excellence Program, and supported by ASSDA Sponsor Vulcan Stainless. Read up on the latest articles below:

A Walk to Remember

The spirit of the Anzacs is evoked in a new architecturally stunning, stainless steel walkway that unfolds around Newcastle’s cliffs and links Strzelecki Lookout to Bar Beach. Read more

Welding Dissimilar Metals

Welding the common austenitic stainless steels such as 304 and 316 to each other or themselves is routine and the easiest of fusion welding. Nevertheless, there are many situations where it is necessary to weld stainless steel to carbon steel. Two common examples are balustrade posts attached to structural steel or doubler plates connecting supports to stainless steel vessels. Read more

Stainless Steel in Western Australian Subsea Applications

Stainless steel is the material of choice for subsea hydraulic and control line applications because of its excellent corrosion resistance, material strength benefits and weldability. Read more

Under the Sun

‘Under the Sun’ is a 1300kg, 6.5m diameter suspended stainless steel sculpture that embodies a symbol of the moon floating over the earth, and casts filigreed shadows under the sun. It is an inspiring architectural piece featured at the entrance of Stockland’s Point Cook Town Centre in Victoria, and was completed in 2014 as part of the shopping centre’s $20 million revamp. Read more

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