New Sassda Chairperson and Vice chairperson

At the Main Committee meeting at last year’s Annual General Meeting, it was agreed that Bernard Maguire would continue to serve as chairperson for a further one year period. This was to ensure stability in Sassda with the transition from one executive director (Bill Scurr) to the next (John Tarboton). That one year period has now come to an end.

The vice-chairperson, Charles Cammell, has thus automatically assumed the position of chairperson for the remaining period until the next AGM in June 2016. The Main Committee elected Jason Naudé as the new vice-chairman and he is thus elected to the Sassda board.
John Tarboton said he would like to thank Bernard for all the help and guidance that he has been given and looks forward to working with Charles, Jason, the Board and the Main Committee for the remaining one year period.

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Published 24/07/2015 08:58:40 Last Modified 24/07/2015 09:00:25

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