5th China International Duplex Stainless Steel Congress

“The 5th China International Duplex Stainless Steel Congress” will be held on November 26-27, 2015 in Beijing. The hosts of the congress are the Stainless Steel Council of China Special Steel Enterprises Association, Taiyuan Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd and Outokumpu. The congress has support from the Nickel Institute, the International Molybdenum Association and many more stainless steel companies. The motto of the congress will be “Exchange experience, develop the market”. The hosts will involve speakers from duplex producers and end users and invite designers and manufacturers to attend the congress.

For more information please check http://www.cssc.org.cn/news_show_content.php?news_id=14521 or contact Prof. Li Cheng at bxgfh@aliyun.com

Published 25/09/2015 08:30:11 Last Modified 25/09/2015 08:30:54

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