A testament to longevity

Over the ages, sculptors have sought materials that can withstand the elements and last for generations. In the latest edition of IMOA’s Stainless Solutions, the importance of correct specification is discussed. The world’s first large cast stainless steel sculpture – ‘News’, an Art Deco plaque installed in the Associated Press building in New York – requires regular cleaning and clear-coating to protect it from corrosion as it does not contain molybdenum. Later monuments including Chicago’s Cloud Gate (a.k.a. The Bean), London’s 7/7 memorial, Australia’s Venus Rising sculpture and Helsinki’s Sibelius monument use molybdenum-containing Type 316 or duplex stainless steel to protect against corrosion and minimize maintenance requirements. This and other editions of Stainless Solutions can be found on the IMOA website at http://www.imoa.info/molybdenum-media-centre/stainless-solutions/index.php

Published 14/07/2016 13:57:48 Last Modified 14/07/2016 13:59:36

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