New App lifts the lid on stainless steel s lower life cycle costs

Johannesburg, 15 August 2016 - One of the biggest obstacles to the specification of stainless steel in certain applications, is the misconception that it is more expensive compared to other options. In the short term, that may be the case but a new App from the Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association (SASSDA) reveals the ‘bigger picture’ - the capability of stainless steel to ensure far lower overall life cycle costs (LCC).

The benefit of the new App - which is now available on the Google Play (Android) Store and will be available in the Apple iStore by the end of the year - is that it allows for a real-time calculation of the LCC of stainless steel via an easy to use, pre-programmed calculator. This requires the entry of key data, followed by the click of a ‘Calculate’ Button which reveals the relevant costs and allows them to be  e-mailed to interested recipients.

SASSDA Executive Director John Tarboton commented that “The App was created to assist engineers to calculate total LCC using the standard accountancy principle of discounted cash flow, so that total costs incurred during a life cycle period are reduced to present day values. This allows a realistic comparison to be made of the options available. In terms of material selection, the APP also enables potential long-term benefits to be assessed against short-term expediency.”

He adds that many months have been spent working out the correct formulas for the app, which has made this time-consuming calculation much easier for the end user. 

“This will prove invaluable for professionals in the field, wanting to bypass the complicated process normally associated with this type of calculation that most professionals are unfamiliar with; unless they also have an accountancy qualification!

“In this way we’re also hoping to educate the market on the inherent benefits of stainless steel which include minimal maintenance, a minimum 60-year lifespan and significant ‘green’ benefits,” adds Tarboton.

The SASSDA Life Cycle Cost calculator is available via the following link: for non-Android phone owners. 

Published 26/08/2016 11:09:39 Last Modified 26/08/2016 11:11:15

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