NI promotes stainless steel water distribution in Taipei

Contact: Seiichi Tsuyuguchi

On 2 September the Nickel Institute’s Seiichi Tsuyuguchi presented Adopting stainless steel pipe in the Tokyo water distribution system at a seminar organised by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of National Taiwan University, the Taiwan Steel and Iron Industries Association, and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Seiichi’s presentation supported the NI’s priority water distribution project. The seminar featured wide-ranging stainless practical steel topics with presentations by experts. 

More than 100 participants attended from universities, major stainless steel manufacturers and downstream users.  The seminar featured a lively Q&A session on biological corrosion underground, corrosion resistance of super stainless in sea water with an in-depth discussion about corrugated pipes.

This seminar has been held annually all over Japan since 2000. This was the first to be held outside Japan and was extremely well received by the Taiwanese. The seminar series plays an important role in disseminating accurate knowledge and information about Stainless Steel in South East Asia where knowledge is still limited.

Published 22/09/2016 07:41:32 Last Modified 22/09/2016 07:46:23

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