Virtues of stainless steel explained in specialty press

An article by NI and IMOA consultant Catherine Houska appeared in the November issue of Stainless Steel World News. The article, “Proving its long-term mettle: Longevity, whole-building LCAs, and stainless steel explains the fundamentals of whole-building life cycle assessment along with the importance of site assessment and using available corrosion data. It provides examples of stainless steel’s long-term performance in demanding environments.  (Stainless Steel World News, Issue 113, November 2016, pages 14–15, editor MatjaĆŸ Matošec). The article is a modified version of the original which was published in The Construction Specifier in August.

The December issue of The Construction Specifier also features a cover story by Catherine Houska, “Cleaning and Maintaining Stainless Steel”. This publication has a circulation of about 52 000 and, as the title of the magazine suggests, is aimed at a highly relevant readership for the promotion of stainless steel. The web version can be found at this link:

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