Railcars in Stainless Steel

A new Brochure has been published on the ISSF website as a supplement to an earlier edition in 2010. The new document details a new case study, from India, where the Indian Stainless Steel Development Association has made excellent progress in persuading the government that there are significant long term benefits from using stainless steel for its railcars. Not only does the added strength to weight ratio of stainless steel provide lighter and stronger railcars, with a longer useful life, but the new range of railcars are much safer for the travelling public than former models. This is yet another example of the progress that has been made in many parts of the world in using stainless steel in railway transport and the ISSF will continue to monitor new developments and publish them in regular supplements.

You can download the brochure here.

Published 02/06/2017 08:03:16 Last Modified 02/06/2017 08:04:03

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