Nickel Magazine Nickel on the move out now

Good and efficient transport is vital in today’s world, whether for moving goods, raw materials or people. As the population grows, demand for transportation is set to increase from around 50 billion passenger kilometres in 2015 to around 120 billion by 2050.

Tesla’s highly anticipated mass market sedan, the Model 3, revealed in June 2017 is just one example of how nickel is helping the transportation sector to innovate. It is hard to think of a method of transport that does not use nickel or nickel alloys. Automobiles and trucks, rail cars, ships or aeroplanes and even bicycles, are all exploiting the many virtues of nickel and nickel-containing alloys.

In this issue, we look beyond cars to nickel ‘on the move’.

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Published 29/08/2017 08:35:21 Last Modified 29/08/2017 08:40:27

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