Stainless Steel in Structures Fifth International Experts Seminar

Contact: Nigel Ward

London, UK - Organised and hosted by the Steel Construction Institute, the Stainless Steel in Structures seminar was held at Imperial College, London on 18 & 19 September. The event was sponsored by Team Stainless (Nickel Institute, IMOA, ICDA, ISSF, Eurofer and INSG) together with Montansthal, manufacturers of stainless steel sections, and Stala Tube. The seminar brought together experts from across the world to discuss their research into the structural uses of stainless steel. The purpose is to grow and maintain a strong and effective community of cooperative researchers, develop practical and economic design standards and ultimately increase the demand for stainless steel as a structural material. Last held five years ago, around 60 delegates from 15 countries attended. The 39 papers presented will be published in Proceedings, an open access journal. 

Published 28/11/2017 09:22:18 Last Modified 28/11/2017 09:23:53

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