US bridge web conference

Contact: Nigel Ward

USA - Sponsored by Team Stainless, the Steel Construction Institute hosted a webinar on 20 September about the benefits of using stainless steels for the construction of steel bridges. The webinar addressed the advantages of stainless steel for resistance to corrosion, impact, fire, fatigue and seismic activity. The existing research, design codes and guides were reviewed. 13 US Departments of Transport were amongst the audience. Speakers included Nancy Baddoo from the SCI, stainless steel architectural consultant Catherine Houska, bridge engineers and designers. Obstacles to wider use were discussed and successful bridge designs and Life Cycle Cost case studies were highlighted. The webinar was videoed and an edited version will be released.

Published 28/11/2017 09:11:57 Last Modified 28/11/2017 09:12:37

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