A Workable Lasting Solution for Water Losses through Leaking Water Pipes

Water loss through leaking water pipes is a problem for cities all over the world. Some of them are losing water at around 40% per year and this is all water which has already been treated. A recent study by the World Bank has shown that it is not only the under developed or even the developing cities that are so affected – even the major cities of developed economies are losing far more water than is sustainable or even viable.

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has published a brochure which reports research in co-operation with the Associations representing nickel and molybdenum into the water pipes in the cities of Tokyo, Seoul and Taipei. All three cities are using stainless steel flexible pipes for distributing water from the main supply pipes to the consumers.

Changing to stainless steel pipes has reduced water losses in Tokyo and Seoul from original ranges of 17% to 27% down to 2%. The Taipei project is still a work in progress, but it has also shown extremely good results.

The ISSF is using this Brochure to tell the stories about these Projects to the rest of the world, so other cities and communities will have the opportunity to consider this naturally strong and corrosion resistant material to reduce their own leakage rates and save this precious resource.

This brochure is available in ChineseEnglishFrenchItalianKoreanPortuguese and Spanish [clicking on the language will download the pdf].

Published 13/09/2018 12:58:03 Last Modified 13/09/2018 13:00:01

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