Nickel Institute contributes to new metal allergy book

Dr. Kate Heim (NiPERA) and Dr. Peter Cutler (formerly Nickel Institute) have written chapters in a recently published book Metal Allergy: From Dermatitis to Implant and Device Failure (2018. Editors: Chen, Jennifer K, Thyssen, Jacob P.; Springer International Publishing). Dr. Cutler wrote the chapter on Use of metals in our society and Dr. Heim co-authored the chapter on Metal Exposure Regulations and Their Effect on Allergy Prevention with Dr. David Basketter.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the use and regulation of metals in our society, metal properties, and available testing methodologies and is intended to serve as a reference for a variety of audiences interested in metal allergy. The publication was edited by prominent dermatologists and researchers with specific interest in metals, with contributions from metal allergy experts.

Published 13/09/2018 12:38:42 Last Modified 13/09/2018 12:39:56

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