Stainless steel bicycle strong light but above all customized

  The example shown in the article with stainless steel as the focus is interesting, not only for the remarkable originality, but for the study and the production process adopted. Using stainless steel to realise a bicycle frame could seem a contradiction, due to its considerable specific weight characterizing this material with respect to other materials such as aluminium, titanium alloys or carbon fibres. However, the total weight is absolutely "competitive." The processing involves the laser "drilling" of the stainless steel. This guarantees a sequence of full and empty sections to provide adequate rigidity and robustness. But there’s more! The designer wanted these limited edition bicycles to be tailor-made for customers. This was allowed by the extreme versatility characterising the stainless steel (in this case EN 1.4301/AISI 304) and the fact it can be specially moulded for an increasingly demanding and elitist public. Design:Tobias Knockaert –Industrial Designer @ Eleventwentyseven, Innovation Engineer @ D’Haene –Brugge –Belgio –, Made by: V.A.C. MACHINES nv/sa –Brugge –Belgio – Employed laser machines: TRUMPF GmbH –

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