Stainless Steel Day 2019 invitation to Katowice Poland

The future of the stainless steel industry will be the main subject of a conference organized by the Polish Stainless Steel Association. The event will take place on 11 June 2019 in Katowice. The Stainless Steel Day 2019 will be an opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences and ideas about current business trends.

The guests of the conference will be representatives of the main Polish and European companies connected to the stainless steel sector. They will discuss crucial issues involved with the stainless steel market: current business trends, technology, Industry 4.0, logistics, finance.

The Stainless Steel Day is:

  • A meeting dedicated to top managers from the stainless steel sector and affiliated industries
  • One of the most important events in the Central Europe stainless steel sector
  • Meetings with experts, consultations, workshops, networking
  • The presentation of new trends, technologies, business solutions

The main panels of the conference will be translated into English. Admission is free.

More details and registration: Andrzej Michalski,, +48 603 299 554

Published 31/01/2019 07:46:44 Last Modified 31/01/2019 07:47:21

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