Molybdenum Symposium 2024 – Mo4Steel

Published 02 February 2024

Save the date and join us at the Molybdenum Symposium 2024 on 13-15 November in Vienna, Austria.

This IMOA supported event offers the opportunity to join producers, processors, researchers, policy-makers and end users to exchange experiences and insights around molybdenum in all kinds of steels and stainless steels. Molybdenum has an important role as a versatile and indispensable alloying element in modern high-performance steels. The event will consider the following topics:
·        Molybdenum’s basic effects in physical metallurgy
·        Molybdenum’s benefits in steel production processes
·        Molybdenum’s ability to improve steel properties and service performance
·        Molybdenum’s sustainability and efficiency aspects from mining to final products

Abstracts are requested by February 16 2024 and can be submitted here Molybdenum Symposium 2024 - Mo4Steel 2024 (13-15 November 2024): Overview · Bestevent Management (Indico) (, with the preliminary program agreed by April 12 2024.
If your organization is interested in supporting the event, sponsorship opportunities are available. For further information, please click Sponsoring Packages_Mo4Steel_Michelle (

For further information on the event please visit the conference website. Click here.

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