Specifier engagement in emerging markets

Published 12 April 2024

Stainless steel is usually used in engineered consumer and capital goods and in buildings and infrastructure. The selection of materials in these applications is usually made by “specifiers”. Much of the materials training specifiers receive is on-the-job and so it is critical that training is provided to ensure confidence in the use of stainless steel and achieving the benefit it brings. The Nickel Institute and other team Stainless Partners provide training. Webinars and seminars are one of our most important tools to engage with specifiers. In past years the Institute has reached directly around 30,000 specifiers a years in these programs. During 2023 we reached out to some 20,000 attendees globally at 59 events.

In January the University of Canterbury in Christchurch together the New Zealand Stainless Steel Development Association began a project on seismic performance of stainless steel in structural applications. To start this project, the Nickel Institute agreed to conduct a series of 4 webinars to highlight the importance of this project and stainless steel.

It was a great success with over 1300 registrations and 800 attendees at our Zoom webinars and the live stream via the Nickel Institutes YouTube channel. All 4 webinar recordings are available on the NI YouTube channel

Our next webinar is organized by INASSDA (Indonesian Stainless Steel Development Association) and offered by the NI and IMOA. It will be streamed on Friday 26 April at 10 am WIB. Please feel free to register.

More information and registration: bit.ly/49EXzus

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